CARB stands for California Air Resources Board, also known as Air Resources Board (ARB). It is a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency. It was established in 1967 with the purpose of maintaining and improving air quality, and researching causes and solutions of air pollution. CARB's mandates, such as CARB 2 compliant MDF, are strict and usually are considered the standard across the United States.

What is CARB Phase 2 Compliant?

CARB Phase 1 and Phase 2 are a part of California's Composite Wood Products Regulation (CWP Regulation), which took effect in 2009 with Phase 1. The regulation has to do with reducing formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products, hardwood plywood, particleboard and medium density fiberboard (MDF). In the 2009 rollout of the CARB's Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM), formaldehyde emissions were capped at .08 parts per million (ppm). CARB Phase 2 went into effect in 2010 and has much lower formaldehyde emissions than the previous phase; set at .05 ppm. A main reason why the CARB ATCM is the strictest air quality measure is because it CAPS emissions levels. Other air quality standards are averages.

Stratton White Shaker - Ready to Assemble Cabinetry

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The Stratton White Shaker cabinet collection is a bright finish which will make any space feel welcoming. These cabinets will add a modern touch to your home due to its clean lines and light coloring. These cabinets are full overlay doors and come with stainless steel, full extension, soft close drawer glides and dovetail drawers. The vanities in this finish do not come with soft close doors or drawers.

Style: Shaker
Face Frame: 3/4" Solid Wood
Door Frame: 3/4"
Door Center: Solid HDF
Sides: 1/2" Plywood
Top & Bottom (Wall): 1/2" Plywood
Bottom (Base): 1/2" Plywood
Back Panel: Full Back Panel (Vanity and sink base cabinets will have open backs except where glides are attached)
Shelves: 5/8" Plywood Shelves
Base Cabinet Shelf Depth: 1/2
Drawer Box: Dovetail
Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Glides: Full Extension, Soft Close Drawer Glides
Bathroom Vanity Drawer Glides: Side Mount Roller Glides
Base Corner Supports: Plastic Corner Brackets
Overlay: Full
Hinges: Concealed Hinges
Cabinet Interior: Natural Maple
Center Stile:

42" and wider will have a center stile, except vanities which have no center stiles.

Assembly Method: Cam Lock
Finish: Multi layered factory finish w/a deep Cherry stain
Toe Kick: 3/16" x 4 7/16" Plywood
Installation Rail: 3/4" Solid Wood (top and bottom of wall cabinets)
Wall Cabinet Bottoms Finished (Exterior): Yes
CARB Compliant: Yes
Door Hinges: Can be assembled on left or right side, frames are drilled on both sides
Toe Kicks Included w/Base Cabinets: Yes
Sides Panels Finished: Yes
Cabinet Terms
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Ball Bearing Glides - Smooth gliding guides that are usually side mounted. These guides slide on small metallic balls that bear the weight of the drawer.
Butt Doors - Door on a double door cabinet that when closed, nearly touch each other. Typically, a 1/8" gap is allowed between the butt doors.
Cam Locks - A cylindrical lock or fastener commonly used for cabinets. Often there will be a male and female part. Once inserted, simply turn the metal piece 180 degrees clockwise to lock into place. Cam locks are an easy and secure way to connect cabinet panels. They are commonly found in ready-to-assemble cabinets.
Center Stile - Vertical strips of wood that divide cabinets for extra support and durability. Usually seen on larger width cabinets.
Concealed hinge - a hinge that is not visible on the front of a cabinet door. Concealed hinges are attached to the inside surface of the door.
Dado - a groove that is cut into a piece of material so that another piece may slide into it. The inside surface of cabinet drawers may be 'dadoed' with a groove to accept the drawer bottom panel which helps make for a stronger joint between the drawer side and bottom panels.
Dovetail - Woodworked joints that are used to connect drawer sides to the drawer face without the use of exposed hardware. These joints are known for their durability. The wood is cut in a series of angled portions that look like dove tails. These “tails” interlock and are difficult to separate once attached.
Epoxy Coated Glides - A fast drying white protective coating that is baked into hardware metal guides. It is low VOC and can be used for sidemount and undermount hardware.
Exposed hinge - a hinge type that is visible on the outside edge of the cabinet door when the door is closed.
Face frame - the wood frame that is attached to the front edges of the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet box. The door gets hinged to the face frame. This frame helps provide rigidity to the box. Cabinet designs that incorporate this feature are called "framed" or "face-frame" cabinets.
Framed - a cabinet design that uses a 'face-frame' which is typically a wood frame attached to the front edges of the cabinet box (where the door gets hinged to).
Frameless - a cabinet design that does not use a frame on the front outside edges of the cabinet box. The front of the cabinet box is formed by the edges of the top, bottom and side panels of the cabinet box. The cabinet door typically covers these edges when closed.
Full Extension Glides - Hardware that provides full-access to drawers and allows the drawer to pass the face frame.
Full Overlay - A cabinet design whereby the cabinet door or drawer front covers the entire face frame so that only the cabinet door is seen with no part of the face frame visible. A cabinet is also considered full-overlay when the reveal is less than ¼ inch.
Half Overlay/Partial Overlay - A cabinet design whereby the cabinet door or drawer front partially overlaps the face frame. When the drawers/doors are closed, more than ¼ inch of the face frame remains visible.
Inset - a cabinet design whereby the doors fit inside of the face frame when closed (rather than overlapping and sitting on top of the face frame).
Medium density fiberboard (MDF) - a wood-based product that's produced by the combination of very small wood fibers and a glue, resin or similar bonding agent. MDF can be more easily shaped than products like particle board due to the consistency of the material formed by the small fibers. MDF can be used for shelves, doors (typically painted or covered with melamine) and other cabinet parts. It is very dense and resists warping. It is commonly seen in the center panels of recessed cabinet door styles (like a Shaker door) to prevent warping and cracking of the center panel during the wood’s natural expansion and contraction throughout the year.
Melamine - a durable plastic, similar to laminate that can be applied to certain areas of cabinets. It is easy to clean and resists stains, chipping and fading.
Miter - A woodworking joint where two beveled pieces adjoin to make a 90 degree angle.
Mortise and Tenon - a means of wood joinery that involves part of one piece being inserted into a notch or hole in the mating piece. A typical mortise and tenon joint has a square protrusion coming off the end of one piece that fits tightly into a square 'hole' or notch in the piece it's joined to. The pieces that make up the outer frame of a cabinet door might be joined using this technique.
Overlay - Overlay refers to the amount of face frame that is covered by the cabinet door or drawer front.
Partial overlay/Half Overlay - A cabinet design whereby the cabinet door or drawer front partially overlaps the face frame. When the drawers/doors are closed, more than ¼ inch of the face frame remains visible.
Particle board - a wood product made up of very small wood pieces and fragments that are fused together with a glue or resin under mechanical pressure.
Plywood - an all wood product made up of several layers of wood with the grain direction running at different angles with respect to each other. This orientation gives plywood greater strength and stability in comparison to solid wood. It reduces the tendency of wood to split when nailed at the edges and reduces expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability.
Rail - the horizontal pieces of a face frame or door frame (in contrast to a "stile" which is the vertical member of the frame).
Raised Panel - Doors that have slightly raised center panels.
Recessed Panel - Door style where the center panel is inset or recessed. A common example is a Shaker door style.
Reveal - The exposed portion between the end of the cabinet face frame and the door.
Self Closing Drawers - Drawers that have mechanisms or magnets that guide the drawer closed. These are not soft-closing.
Sidemounted Glides - Drawer hardware that is mounted on the side of the drawer.
Slab Front - A flat door panel with no design, moldings, recessed or raised areas. Commonly gives a more contemporary appearance.
Soft Close Drawers - Drawers containing a piston that respond to various levels of pressure and weight, absorbing the impact and closing the door slowly and safely.
Stile - the vertical pieces of a face frame or door frame (in contrast to the "rails" which are the horizontal pieces of the frame).
Undermount Glides - Drawer hardware that is mounted underneath the drawer. Undermount guides can usually carry more weight than sidemount guides.
Veneer - thin layers of wood applied to plywood or MDF before it’s treated with stain. Veneers can be used on the sides of exposed cabinets (for example, on the end of a run of cabinets) and on the interior surfaces of cabinet boxes.
GW0930ACW GHI W0930 White Shaker
GW1230ACW GHI W1230 White Shaker
GW1530ACW GHI W1530 White Shaker
GW1830ACW GHI W1830 White Shaker
GW2130ACW GHI W2130 White Shaker
GW2430ACW GHI W2430 White Shaker
GW2730ACW GHI W2730 White Shaker
GW3030ACW GHI W3030 White Shaker
GW3330ACW GHI W3330 White Shaker
GW3630ACW GHI W3630 White Shaker
GWBC2730ACW GHI WBC2730 White Shaker
GWDC2430ACW GHI WDC2430 White Shaker
GW3012ACW GHI W3012 White Shaker
GW3612ACW GHI W3612 White Shaker
GW2415ACW GHI W2415 White Shaker
GW3015ACW GHI W3015 White Shaker
GW3315ACW GHI W3315 White Shaker
GW3615ACW GHI W3615 White Shaker
GW3018ACW GHI W3018 White Shaker
GW3618ACW GHI W3618 White Shaker
GW3024ACW GHI W3024 White Shaker
GW3624ACW GHI W3624 White Shaker
GW331224ACW GHI W331224 White Shaker
GW361224ACW GHI W361224 White Shaker
GW331524ACW GHI W331524 White Shaker
GW361524ACW GHI W361524 White Shaker
GW361824ACW GHI W361824 White Shaker
GW332424ACW GHI W332424 White Shaker
GW362424ACW GHI W362424 White Shaker
GW0936ACW GHI W0936 White Shaker
GW1236ACW GHI W1236 White Shaker
GW1536ACW GHI W1536 White Shaker
GW1836ACW GHI W1836 White Shaker
GW2136ACW GHI W2136 White Shaker
GW2436ACW GHI W2436 White Shaker
GW2736ACW GHI W2736 White Shaker
GW3036ACW GHI W3036 White Shaker
GW3336ACW GHI W3336 White Shaker
GW3636ACW GHI W3636 White Shaker
GWDC2436ACW GHI WDC2436 White Shaker
GW0942ACW GHI W0942 White Shaker
GW1242ACW GHI W1242 White Shaker
GW1542ACW GHI W1542 White Shaker
GW1842ACW GHI W1842 White Shaker
GW2142ACW GHI W2142 White Shaker
GW2442ACW GHI W2442 White Shaker
GW2742ACW GHI W2742 White Shaker
GW3042ACW GHI W3042 White Shaker
GW3342ACW GHI W3342 White Shaker
GW3642ACW GHI W3642 White Shaker
GWDC2442ACW GHI WDC2442 White Shaker
GWDC2742ACW GHI WDC2742 White Shaker
GB09ACW GHI B09 White Shaker(FH)
GB12ACW GHI B12 White Shaker
GB15ACW GHI B15 White Shaker
GB18ACW GHI B18 White Shaker
GFHB18ACW GHI Full Height 18" White Shaker
GB21ACW GHI B21 White Shaker
GB24ACW GHI B24 White Shaker
GB27ACW GHI B27 White Shaker
GB30ACW GHI B30 White Shaker
GB33ACW GHI B33 White Shaker
GB36ACW GHI B36 White Shaker
GBBC42-45ACW GHI BBC42-45 White Shaker
GDB15ACW GHI DB15 White Shaker
GDB18ACW GHI DB18 White Shaker
GDB21ACW GHI DB21 White Shaker
GDB24ACW GHI DB24 White Shaker
GDB24-2ACW GHI DB24-2 White Shaker (Two Drawer)
GDB30ACW GHI DB30 White Shaker
GDB30-2ACW GHI DB30 White Shaker (Two Drawer)
GDCB3612ACW GHI DCB3612 White Shaker
GBC24ACW GHI BC24 White Shaker
GSB30ACW GHI SB30 White Shaker
GSB33ACW GHI SB33 White Shaker
GSB36ACW GHI SB36 White Shaker
GFSB36ACW GHI FSB36 White Shaker (Farm Sink Base)
GSB42ACW GHI SB42 White Shaker
GWP1884ACW GHI WP1884 White Shaker
GWP2484ACW GHI WP2484 White Shaker
GWP1890ACW GHI WP1890 White Shaker
GWP2490ACW GHI WP2490 White Shaker
GWP1896ACW GHI WP1896 White Shaker
GWP2496ACW GHI WP2496 White Shaker
GOU332484ACW GHI OU332484 White Shaker
GOU332490ACW GHI OU332490 White Shaker
GTK8ACW GHI TK8 White Shaker
GLRM7ACW GHI LRM7 White Shaker
GOSC7ACW GHI OSC7 White Shaker
GSCM7ACW GHI SCM7 White Shaker
GVA48ACW GHI VA48 White Shaker
GVAS48ACW GHI VAS48 White Shaker
GF330ACW GHI F330 White Shaker
GF342ACW GHI F342 White Shaker
GF642ACW GHI F642 White Shaker
GBF3ACW GHI BF3 White Shaker
GEP24X35ACW GHI END PA 24X35X3/16 White Shaker
GWEP12X42ACW GHI WALL END PA 12X42 White Shaker
G3X4PANACW GHI 3X4X1/4" White Shaker
GRP84ACW GHI RP84 White Shaker
GRP90ACW GHI RP90 White Shaker
GRP96ACW GHI RP96 White Shaker
GMC3018ACW GHI MC3018 White Shaker
GPR3015ACW GHI PR3015 White Shaker
GWR3015ACW GHI WR3015 White Shaker
GSGH30ACW GHI SGH30 White Shaker
G1530MDACW GHI 1530MD White Shaker
G1830MDACW GHI 1830MD White Shaker
G3030MDACW GHI 3030 MD White Shaker/2 PK
G3630MDACW GHI 3630 MD White Shaker/2PK
GDC2430MDACW GHI DC2430MD White Shaker
G1536MDACW GHI 1536MD White Shaker
G1836MDACW GHI 1836 MULL DR White Shaker
G3036MDACW GHI 3036 MUL DR White Shaker/2PK
G3636MDACW GHI 3636 MUL DR White ShakerSHA/2PK
GDC2436MDACW GHI DC2436 MULL DR White Shaker
G1542MDACW GHI 1542 MULL DR White Shaker
G1842MDACW GHI 1842 MULL DR White Shaker
G3042MDACW GHI 3042 MULL DR White Shaker/2P
G3642MDACW GHI 3642 MULL DR White Shaker/2P
GDC2442MDACW GHI DC2442 MULL DR White Shaker
GDC2742MDACW GHI DC2742MD White Shaker
GCSF36ACW GHI CSF36 White Shaker
G30DDACW GHI 30" DECO DR White Shaker
G36DDACW GHI 36" DECO DR White Shaker
G42DDACW GHI 42" DECO DR White Shaker
GV1816ACW GHI 18x16 Vanity White Shaker
GV2418ACW GHI 24x16 Vanity White Shaker
GV2421ACW GHI 24x21 Vanity White Shaker
GV3021DACW GHI 30x21 Vanity White Shaker
GV3021DACW GHI 30x21 Vanity White Shaker
GV3621DACW GHI 36x21 Vanity White Shaker
GV4821DACW GHI 48x21 Vanity White Shaker
GV6021DACW GHI 60x21 Vanity White Shaker
GL781821ACW GHI 78x18x21 Linen Cabinet White Shaker
GBV2126ACW GHI 21x26 Small Hanging Vanity White Shaker
GBVDB1221ACW GHI 12x21 Vanity Drawer Base Cabinet White Shaker
GM3030ACW GHI 30x30 Mirror White Shaker
GM3630ACW GHI 36x30 Mirror White Shaker

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