Regency Pomegranate Glaze 39"-42" Blind Base Corner Cabinet

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Width 36" | Height 34.5" | Depth 24"

1 door blind base corner cabinet. The actual width is 36" however it will take up a minimum of 39" of wall space and can be pulled up to 42". This cabinet has 1 drawer and is reversible. The door/drawer width is 11-9/16”, blind opening is 8 7/8”. The drawer and door opening will be 3" less than the width of the door and drawer front. A filler will be needed between the blind and adjacent cabinet to ensure the drawer and door open properly; the filler must be purchased separately.

Regardless if the door is located on the left or right side of the blind cabinet, the door will be hinged on the right side by default (this is the hinge location, not the door location). If it's preferred to have the door hinged on the left, please be sure to specify that in comments.

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