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Your kitchen is likely the most used room in your home. You cook, entertain and eat here so you want to make it as functional as possible while still adding your own personal touches.

Here are some things you want to determine before beginning the design process:

  • 1. What shape kitchen do you have? Common kitchen designs are either L or U-Shaped, and Galley style kitchens. Larger kitchens may have a G-shape (which includes a peninsula on one end).
  • 2. Do you have room for an island? Islands provide extra work and storage space and can really add a finishing look to your kitchen. Typically, you want to have at least 36” of clearance space from the edges of the island to any nearby surface or appliance.
  • 3. What style of cabinets do you like? There are many door styles to choose from, usually falling into the following categories: Raised Panel, Recessed Panel, Shaker, Slab or Cathedral/Arch. Within these styles, you will have many choices for finishes and/or paints.

Considering the work triangle

  • The work triangle consists of your 3 major appliances: the sink, refrigerator and cooktop/range. The imaginary line drawer from the center of each forms the work triangle. How well these items are placed in your kitchen directly relate to your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality. You want to have easy access to all areas of the triangle and ideally, this won’t be a high traffic area in your kitchen. This will allow you to easily move from one area to the next without interference.

What’s important to you?

  • Do you have a lot of pots and pans that need storage? If so, you may want to consider wider cabinets with roll out trays that allow easier access to these larger and heavier items. Drawer bases may not be deep enough to store larger items, which is why roll out trays are a good alternative.
  • Do you prefer a more decorative look? If so, you can incorporate elements like glass doors, wine cabinets, plate racks and glass racks, decorative moldings and doors to really make your kitchen pop.
  • Would you prefer a lot of pantry space or wall and base cabinets?
  • Do you want an island? Keep in mind that islands can also be great for extra seating.

Next, you will want to get your basic kitchen measurements (see our Measuring Guidlines), and contact one of our design professionals to start creating the kitchen of your dreams! Remember that our design service is completely free. We will work with you every step of the way from getting your measurements to placing your order if necessary. Remodeling a kitchen can be very intimidating but we make the process stress and worry free. Get started today by filling out our design form.

We look forward to working with you!

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