Roosevelt Dove Gray 30x36 Wall Blind Corner Cabinet

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Width 30" | Height 36" | Depth 12"

Wall blind corner cabinet with 2 adjustable shelves. With no pull, the cabinet will only have 1 1/2" of clearance for the opposing cabinet drawer, so a 3" pull is recommended to allow proper clearance of the adjacent cabinets drawer and decorative hardware (3" is the maximum it can be pulled). When selecting Left or Right, that will designate which side the blind area is located (Ex: WBC2430L will have the blind area on the left and door on the right). The door will automatically be hinged on the side closest to the blind section of the cabinet. A door on the left will be hinged on the right and a door on the right will be hinged to the left. To change this, it must be noted in order comments. Mullion door(s) are also available for this cabinet. Please see product SKU GMD-W3636BD in our "Cabinet Accessory" tab. You will not need the prepped for glass door option if you choose to add mullion doors to this cabinet.

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