9-17-19 RTA1-Lexington Cinnamon Glaze

How To Turn A Spare Bedroom Into A Den

Last week, in our blog titled How To Get Your Home Ready For Hosting Holiday Guests, we talked about converting a TV room or home office into a makeshift guest bedroom. At the RTA Store, we’re all for making the most of the space you have at home. Just ask one of our free room…

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6 Cool And Kitschy Kitchen Trends To Try This Fall

Does your kitchen feel a little bland and boring? Are you ready for a change but don’t know what you want? Indulging in a new trend can sometimes seem scary. Sure, you love it today – but will you regret it tomorrow? While many home trends can quickly come in and out of style, kitchen…

8-23-19 The 3 Most Cringe-Worthy Home Decorating Mistakes

The 3 Most Cringe-Worthy Home Decorating Mistakes

When you don’t have the luxury of hiring an interior designer to decorate your home, DIYing seems like the next best thing. But we don’t all have a natural knack for home décor — and the result can be cringe-worthy. The next time you decide to update your home, avoid these decorating mistakes, and lean…

Types of Cabinet Moldings for Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to upgrade your kitchen with new ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled cabinets, don’t forget about trim and molding! Consider adding cabinet molding to take your new cabinet installation to the next level and make your kitchen cabinets look polished and complete. There are a huge variety of types, styles, patterns and shapes when it…

Best Cabinets For a Vintage Kitchen

Best Cabinets for a Vintage Kitchen

Vintage vibes in your kitchen can come from farmhouse sinks, busy print wallpaper, retro tile, throwback appliances and – the pièce de résistance – perfect cabinets for that ginchy kitchen wow factor. When it comes to jaw-dropping, vintage kitchen design, cabinets can really make or break the theme. That’s where The RTA Store comes in….

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How To Tackle The Toughest Laundry Room Stains

Avoiding stains, spills, and spots on your clothing is next to impossible. We all suffer from the occasional coffee drip, the muddy mishap, or the dreadful red wine splatter.  Although these messes are annoying, most of them are easily fixable; so don’t let the fear of ruining your favorite clothes keep you from enjoying the activities…

Clever Ideas for a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island

Clever Ideas for a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is an extremely functional piece of furniture that also adds style and personality to a kitchen. Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, extra storage and space is always welcome. So, whether you want to create additional storage, counter space or extra seating, a kitchen island can be a great…

Quick and Easy Cabinet Makeover Ideas

Quick and Easy Cabinet Makeover Ideas

If your kitchen cabinets are a bit outdated but still have a lot of life in them, or if your cabinet design isn’t very functional, you don’t need to invest in an entire new set of cabinets. Instead, try one or more of the quick and easy cabinet makeover ideas below and you’ll be amazed…