3-5-21 RTA1-Imperial Cloud

How To Style Floating Shelves And Glass Front Cabinets

The dream kitchens you see on TV and in your favorite home magazines will often feature glass front custom cabinets and floating shelves. These timeless cabinetry trends are hot with homeowners and buyers, as tastes continue to shift towards open, airy kitchens with personalized touches. But having your storage on display for all to see…

3-2-21 RTA-Garage Organization

Garage Organization: New At The RTA Store!

There have been a lot of exciting changes happening at The RTA Store over the past few months, including a brand new, streamlined look. We’ve also added some new items to our already vast inventory to help you complete your DIY renovations checklist, including kitchen cabinet finishes and styles, pantries, Murphy beds, and an amazing…

2-23-21 RTA1-Regency White

Timeless Ways To Transform A Dated TV Room

Is your TV Room stuck in the past? Giving this space a much-needed update will not only make your TV room more stylish and comfortable for you and your family, but it can also be a project that boosts your home’s value at resale. Before you add another item to your home renovation checklist, check…

2-19-21 RTA1-Midtown Dark Grey Shaker

How To Build A Better Home Office In 3 Steps

  According to a recent article from Realtor.com titled, These Pandemic-Related Housing and Design Trends Aren’t Going Away, having a dedicated home office, or “Zoom room,” is a vital need that will last far beyond COVID-19. In fact, “it’s become increasingly common to see agents and sellers including Zoom rooms in listings as part of…

1-19-20 RTA1-Natural Maple Outlet Grooming Organizer

The Top Trending Inside Cabinet Accessories For 2021

Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t really matter if your home is large or small, but the overall appearance of your space does matter — quite a bit. For example, a stylish, well-organized kitchen not only increases the value of your home, but it also helps to keep things tidy and running smoothly…

1-8-20 RTA1-Kids Bedroom Girl

3 Tips And Tricks For Organizing A Kid’s Closet

There are lots of clever solutions for a small closet, but the typical fixes for grown-up messes don’t always work for little ones. If piles of toys, mismatched shoes, and heaps of clothing tumble out every time you open the doors to your child’s bedroom closet, it may be time to rethink your current system….

12-22-20 RTA1-Retro Cool Euro Driftwood

Fun Home Trends To Watch In 2021

The new year is just around the corner! From colorful custom cabinets and kitchen appliances to kitschy chandeliers, here are a few of our favorite fun home trends to include on your home renovation checklist in 2021. Hue Happy Neutral color schemes will be a mainstay in 2021, thanks to their timeless and soothing nature,…

beauty, spa, bodycare, bath and natural cosmetics concept - close up of handmade soap bars over lights and snow

How To Make Homemade Soaps In Your Kitchen

At TheRTAStore, we love a good DIY project, and during the holiday season, DIY gifts are the best of all! Here, we’ll talk about how to make festive homemade soaps right in your very own kitchen. So clear off a workstation on your kitchen island countertop, and let’s get started! The Best Method For Beginners…

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7 Festive Cabinet Colors For A Very Merry Kitchen

If you read our recent blog, Everything You Want To Know About Custom Color Cabinets From TheRTAStore, you’ve already heard we now offer pre-assembled, custom cabinets in your choice of over one thousand Sherwin-Williams colors. In addition to a durable, top-quality painted finish, you can also pick from six different door styles, and mix and…

11-24-20 RTA1-Small Closet

7 Clever Solutions For A Small Closet

Not only do well-organized closets add resale value to your home, but they are also an invaluable place for added storage day to day. After all, where else can you stash your shoe collection and keep your wardrobe wrinkle-free and neatly tucked away on hangers? Everyone dreams of an incredible walk-in closet, but what do…