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7 Great Garage Organizational Hacks For Summer

Organizing your garage for the summer makes it easy to run out to the beach or park without wasting any time at all. Otherwise it can take forever to find your beach towels, sunscreen, flip flops, and other warm weather necessities. Let’s straighten things out so you can easily transition through the seasons and enjoy…

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9 Great Must-Haves For Your Spice Rack

Do you spend time browsing the Internet for the latest kitchen trends, and tasty recipes to make at home? Cooking delicious meals in your kitchen can be easy with the right spices. Whether you choose to install a wood spice tray in a drawer near the stove, or a door-mounted spice rack inside your kitchen…

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4 Quick, Low-Cost Bathroom Updates

A complete bathroom remodel can be costly, but smart homeowners know to save money, you have to DIY! The RTA Store makes it easy to tackle a do-it-yourself project, with quality, ready to assemble cabinetry, stellar customer assistance, and our free room design service. From bathroom vanities and backsplash tile, to bath hardware and cabinet…

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6 Cheap Ways To Add Color To A Neutral Living Room

A neutral room can be like a blank canvas, giving you the opportunity to let your creativity shine. It also allows you to update the room periodically over the years without making any major changes. This is why choosing cabinets, flooring, and furniture in shades such as white, beige, and grey has become so popular….

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3 Non-Toxic Houseplants That Help Clean The Air

Some kitchen trends come and go, but a clean, fresh smelling kitchen is always in fashion! Kitchen hoods do the lion’s share of the work, removing airborne grease, smoke, steam and stinky odors from the room. But for an extra touch of freshness, why not add a few houseplants? Not only are they pretty to…

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How To Clean Painted Walls And Why You Should

Finding the perfect paint color for the interior walls of your home is almost as important as choosing cabinets! Chances are, you pondered over several swatches and painted a few patches in each room before you got it just right. And while keeping your cabinetry clean is a given, most homeowners go on to neglect…

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3 Casual, Clutter-Free Decorating Tips For Open Cabinetry

When it comes to storage solutions, open cabinetry may not be the first thing that comes to mind. And when you do finally think about it, you probably envision shelves crowded with stuffy knick-knacks collecting dust. We’re here to change your mind. Open cabinetry can be both beautiful and functional, and offers storage solutions that…

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3 Ways To Make A Small Living Room Big On Storage

Keeping a tidy home isn’t always easy, but storage solutions can help. With that said, it can be a bit more challenging to stay organized when your home is lacking square footage, especially in the rooms where everyone gathers. Here, we’ll tackle how to make the most of the space you have in your living…