12-11-18 RTA1-Woman Making Holiday Treats

4 Clever No-Bake Holiday Cookie Ideas

The holidays are upon us, but you’re so busy crafting homemade gifts and installing DIY kitchen cabinets that there’s no time left for baking! With just a week or two left before the big day, what ever will you do for dessert? Never fear! We’ve searched high and low for clever, quick and easy no-bake…

Making toys for Christmas decorations from salt dough. Step 9

How To Make Vintage Salt Dough Ornaments In Your Kitchen

Whether you have fond childhood memories of making salt dough ornaments around the kitchen table, or you just want to bring a touch of retro nostalgia to the holidays, this creative DIY craft may just become your new favorite family tradition. Perfect for gifting, or decorating a tree; vintage-inspired salt dough ornaments cost mere pennies…

11-16-18 RTA1-Cambridge Saddle Glaze

How To Cozy Up Your Kitchen This Winter

If your kitchen leaves you feeling cold, why not warm things up this winter? Here, we’ll talk about simple, do-it-yourself (DIY) ways to make the heart of the home more inviting, whether you have a small galley or a spacious open concept kitchen. It’s the small touches and fine details that make the biggest difference….

Freshly remodeled living room interior with Open floor plan

How To Properly Paint A Brick Fireplace

Brick accents add character and color to the home, but that brownish-red clay can make a room feel very dark and traditional. If your TV or living room has a brick fireplace and you want to make it look brighter and more modern, why not whitewash it? This “cover up” method has been used for…

9-28-18 RTA1-Lakewood White

Secrets For Keeping Your Bathroom Simply Spotless Every Day

It’s time to cut the clutter, clear the countertops, organize those bathroom vanity cabinets, and finally free yourself of dirty bathroom dilemmas. That’s right! A clean, spotless bathroom is possible and we’re sharing our super easy secrets to help you achieve total bathroom order. Let’s go! Stop waiting for tomorrow and pick up some quick…

7-24-18 RTA1-Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Pattern

4 Classic Kitchen Trends That Are Making A Comeback

This past spring, we covered Retro Kitchens that are Totally Modern. While vintage-inspired appliances, kitschy patterns, and checkered floors are right on point, here are a few more classic kitchen trends that are making a comeback. Wet Bars Wet bars are small home bars that, as the name implies, have the added feature of a…

Yellow and white simple kitchen with skylight.

How To Plan For The Perfect Galley Kitchen Design

Many homeowners prefer a galley kitchen for its space saving, chef friendly, and storage focused layout. Originating on ships, the galley kitchen consists of two work areas lined up on two facing rows. The goal with this layout is to keep things simple, effective and convenient. That’s because, when space is limited, you need to…