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7 Small Appliances That Every Kitchen Needs

When you design your own kitchen, you want it to be perfectly personalized down to the very last detail. Whether that means custom color for your cabinetry from The RTA Store or unique quartzite countertops, it’s up to you (with a little free help from our kitchen design team)! Now that you have a beautiful…

Home-baked lattice apple pie, in a brown ceramic pie plate, ready to serve.

Must-Have Baking Tools To Keep In Your Kitchen

When you design your own kitchen, you can include all the must-have details on your home renovation checklist. In a recent blog, we talked about seven essential tools every DIY homeowner should own — but what about the DIY baker? Do-it-yourself enthusiasts need hammers and a cordless drill, home chefs need a good set of…

Types of Cabinet Moldings for Your Kitchen

If you’re planning to upgrade your kitchen with new ready-to-assemble or pre-assembled cabinets, don’t forget about trim and molding! Consider adding cabinet molding to take your new cabinet installation to the next level and make your kitchen cabinets look polished and complete. There are a huge variety of types, styles, patterns and shapes when it…

Best Cabinets For a Vintage Kitchen

Best Cabinets for a Vintage Kitchen

Vintage vibes in your kitchen can come from farmhouse sinks, busy print wallpaper, retro tile, throwback appliances and – the pièce de résistance – perfect cabinets for that ginchy kitchen wow factor. When it comes to jaw-dropping, vintage kitchen design, cabinets can really make or break the theme. That’s where The RTA Store comes in….

How To Design A Kid-Friendly Kitchen

As a parent, you know that the kitchen can be a fun place for children to learn and explore, but it can also be extremely messy — and potentially dangerous. Renovation project planning can ensure that your kitchen is a safe space for your kids to hang out. Here are a few design tips to…